Alama’s Walk – The Oracle Speaks

Ethnographer – Sultan Somjee
Illustrated by Sadiq Somjee


Reviews for Alama’s Walk, The Oracle Speaks

“I love this book! The images remind me of my childhood looking at pictures from African storybooks. They inspired me so much. I became a refugee at 11 and was shuttled from one refugee settlement to another around Africa. But the images of my African childhood stayed in my head. When I was still a child and safe in my ancestral land, I looked at the colourful pictures of Africa I could connect with. The graphic novel is truly a gift that I hope will reach far and wide amongst young African readers.

I want to send some copies to children in refugee camps in Africa, and to my nieces. This is gold. It’s a treasure for us! I love the maps. For now, the graphic novel has been sending me to sleep remembering Africa.

Njamba Kofi
Author of Refuge-e: The Journey Much Desired.

‘This finely written and beautifully illustrated story reveals our age old yearning for peace and a sense of community. No matter your cultural background, geography or present day politics, Alama’s Walk – The Oracle Speaks is sure to gently tug on your heartstrings, give you pause for reflection, and help you realize once again the common humanity and simple desires we all share, and which bind us together. A truly refreshing read in these troubled times; Alama’s Walk is a story that transcends its East African setting and cultural heritage and speaks prophetically to all of us.

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Sultan Somjee