Fanon Today: Reason and Revolt of the Wretched of the Earth

This monumental compendium of cosmopolitical provocations and decolonial insights does more than just correct the misreadings that have threatened recently to engulf and mystify Fanon’s work. These exhilarating essays and commentaries put his incendiary contribution back where it belongs: in the insurgent speculations and reconstructive efforts of creative thinkers struggling to transform the imperiled predicament of our planet.

Paul Gilroy, founding Director of the Sarah Parker Remond Centre for the Study of Race and Racism at University College London

This is a wonderful book. … [it] takes Fanonian dialectical categories beyond their original subjective context, into concrete political practices combining the necessary experiences of particular struggles with conceptions of universal freedom. This is a militant work for militant readers.

Michael Neocosmos, Emeritus Professor in Humanities, Rhodes University, South Africa

There is not one time, not one aspect of the world’s experience, that does not give credence to Fanon’s precepts. The book is fundamentally relevant and useful. … Dense and eclectic, strategically thought-out and organized, critically stimulating, this book is as incisive as it is compelling.

Hanétha Véte-Congolo, President of the Caribbean Philosophical Association

This is an indispensable book. It brings together many among the overlooked communities for whom Fanon actually wrote—the dispossessed, the downtrodden, the organic voices rising from the depths of misery on the verge of despair.

Lewis R. Gordon, author of Freedom, Justice, and Decolonization

Fanon Today is a timely book about the turbulent present and its connections to the long history of racial capitalism.  It is a landmark addition to the field of Fanonian studies and an absolutely necessary reading for anyone interested in decolonial thought and social movements.

Yasser Munif, author, The Syrian Revolution: Between the Politics of Life and the Geopolitics of Death

Fanon Today: Reason and Revolt of the Wretched of the Earth is about how new generations are discovering their mission of humanizing the world by claiming Fanon as a thinker for our times. Why Fanon, why now? For the wretched of the earth, conditions have not improved since Fanon’s time and in some cases they have worsened. Reason and revolt are inescapable, quite simply because, as Fanon wrote, it has become ‘impossible for them to breathe, in more than one sense of the word’.

To mark the sixtieth anniversary of the publication of Fanon’s The Wretched of the Earth (1961), the contributors to this book address the resonances of Fanon’s thinking on movements of resistance and mass revolutionary uprisings occurring in response to repression or state violence in Algeria, Brazil, Ghana, Ireland, Kenya, Pakistan, Palestine, Portugal, South Africa, Syria, Trinidad, USA and beyond. The driving force of each chapter of this unique collection of writings is Fanonian praxis, engaging with Fanon the thinker and Fanon the revolutionary.

Contributors to this volume include Abahlali baseMjondolo, Elizabeth Berger, Rosemere Ferreira da Silva, Alejandro de Oto, Miraj U. Desai, Deivison Faustino, Levi Gahman, Razan Ghazzawi, Nigel C. Gibson, Hamza Hamouchene, Samah Jabr, Kurtis Kelley, Wangui Kimari, Leah Kindler, Toussaint Losier, Feargal Mac Ionnrachtaigh, Ayyaz Mallick, David Pavón-Cuéllar, Gene Reid, Johannah-Rae Reyes, Annette Rimmer, Ato Sekyi-Otu, Léa Tosold, Lou Turner, S’bu Zikode, Flavio Zenun Almada.

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