Heroes of the African Revolution, a colouring book

United African Diaspora made this coloring book in order to expose African children to their authentic history.

Malcolm X told us decades ago that we had to take responsibility for our children’s education because he understood that our people had been intentionally robbed of their true history. We can no longer rely on institutions to educate our children and must take it upon ourselves to equip our children with the truth so that they can bring a positive contribution to our people’s struggle for justice and freedom.

This book highlights some of the key figures within the struggle to achieve Pan-Africanism, which is the total liberation and unification of Africa.

All of the brave women and men featured in this book were Pan-Africanists. They understood that people of African descent throughout the world faced the same issues and therefore had to unite in order to overcome those issues.

We hope this book can inspire the next generation of African children to become Pan-Africanists and to join the struggle to liberate and unite Africa.

KSh 600.00

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About The Author

Adrianne Williams

United African Diaspora