Identity, Citizenship and Belonging in Kenya

A pleasant quick read on a complex subject of citizenship, identity and belonging. Ignites an interest in these issues as expounded in the arts and film.

George Gona, Senior Lecturer

Department of History and Archaeology

University of Nairobi


This excellent compilation of papers by leading Kenyan academicians, writers, public intellectuals and practitioners of various forms of arts focuses on issues of citizenship, identity and belonging in literature, film, music and theatre. They cover a vast range of subjects that tell the story of Kenya’s past and present.

Ramnik Shah, Kenyan ex-lawyer who writes on migration and diaspora related subjects.

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About The Author

George Gona

George Gona is Senior Lecturer of History at & the University of Nairobi. Gona also teaches 'Peace and Conflict Studies. He is the author of Andrew Mtagwaba Kailembo: the Life and Times of an African Trade Unionist, a coeditor of the (Re)membering Kenya Book Series (3 Volumes) and author of several journals articles.