One who dreams is called a prophet

The theme of the book is a Walk that is so strong. The Walk that started at Kamĩrĩthũ, a village out of Nairobi, and it’s inspired by it … Both this launch and this event are personal to me not only as a scholar but also as Ngũgĩ wa Thiong’o who has worked with Somjee and seen the consequences of the work we used to do together … Working with people evolved something meaningful for us. Somjee comes from there. The title of the book is profound and the book itself is very poetic. Somjee himself is driven by a dream but his dream arises from his belief in the people. Dream is as important as peace in the book
Ngũgĩ wa Thiong’o when lunching ‘One Who Dreams Is Called A Prophet’ in 2020.

Somjee undertook to give to modernity, which can accept no gifts of wisdom from indigenous peoples, a gift modernity badly needs.  In this view, (referring to reconciliation with Native Americans) negotiations of interests and acceptance of the realities of power, embodied in “settlements” and treaties, may be good, but they are not enough.
Michael Britton. Psychologist and writer

We are at a stage in history demanding hard reckoning of the consequences of colonialism. The plundering of cultures and traditions has broken peace in so many ways, from shattering the comfortable predictability of ways of life long held, to the violence grown out of racism and the reactions to it…
Christian Steckler. Arts Reviewer and Lecturer in English

One who dreams is called a prophet is indispensable reading for every citizen of this world who wishes to work for a worthwhile future for our children.
Evelin G. Lindner. Transdisciplinary Scholar in Social Sciences and Humanities, Human Dignity and Humiliation Studies, and World Dignity University.

Written over a period of fourteen years but really the distillation of four decades of work, One Who Dreams Is Called a Prophet is an extraordinary summation of an extraordinary career…
Jonathan Shirland. Artist, Professor and Art Historian.

Extent: 642 pages plus cover.

KSh 3,320.00

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