OUR VISION FOR LIBERATION – Engaged Palestinian Leaders and Intellectuals Speak Out

“At a time when the world desperately needs hope and guidance toward habitable futures, these moving visions of a decolonized, democratic and free Palestine will resonate wherever collective yearnings for freedom have survived. ANGELA DAVIS, American activist, author and professor

“This landmark book will destroy any doubt that Palestine can be freed. Its multiple truths and dimensions will strike fear into those who conspire to destroy the possibility of a resurgent Palestine from the river to the sea. RONNIE KASRILS, South African author, politician and anti-apartheid icon

“This book deserves a warm welcome. It celebrates the achievements of Palestinians and the rich diversity of their culture. KEN LOACH, renowned British filmmaker

“There is eloquent, optimistic logic to this outstanding anthology edited by Ilan Pappé and Ramzy Baroud. JOHN PILGER, acclaimed Australian journalist, writer, scholar and documentary filmmaker

“This is a fascinating, great book.” ROGER WATERS…lifelong anti-apartheid, human rights, and pro-Palestine activist.

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Ramzy Baroud & Ilan Pappé