Paradise on Earth

In his book, Paradise on Earth, Ashraf has presented the span of several generations’ lifetimes, crystalized into a beautiful gem for all to admire. It highlights his ambitions for achieving, perfecting, and applying his medical capabilities, at times laced with modifications and improvisations toward serving mankind in the role of both physician and surgeon. After sharing his stories with family and friends for a number of years, he has finally graced us with his written words.

– Dr. Harbhajan Singh Birdee


As you journey through the pages of this book and traipse through the streets of the Punjab, the jungles and hinterlands of Kenya, the pastoral landscapes of Scotland and Wales, and the panoramic Nile River and Lake Victoria, imagine the scenery, the characters, and the adventures. Perhaps you will be filled with a desire to visit and experience firsthand the land of Kenya, my paradise on Earth.

Dr. Ashraf Sheikh

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Dr. Ashraf Sheikh