Religion, Society and the Pandemic

This book explores the interplay between the coronavirus pandemic and religion on the theological, institutional, and societal dimensions. It focuses on Hinduism, Buddhism, Christianity, Islam and secularism, but some minor faith systems are also covered.


Religion, Society and the Pandemic takes us on a fascinating, thought-provoking, interdisciplinary journey informing and raising questions about how the COVID-19 pandemic evolved in different nations, and the role played by religions and the state in the process. It has much to say about how our world is organized and how we can live better together.

Elizabeth Jones, MA
Teacher, Quaker, Former Co-editor of Christian Today, UK.

This book is an insightful global exploration of how religion responded to the devastating coronavirus pandemic and how the pandemic affected religious belief and practice. Religion facilitated as well as obstructed pandemic control. Many religions promoted compassionate science-based approaches to control the pandemic, but fundamentalists promoted conspiracy theories and anti-vaxxing and blamed minorities for the spread of the virus. Corporate profiteering and anti-democratic forces exacerbated the malpractices. The book calls upon all people of faith, secularists and scientists to unify and work for fundamental changes that will help humanity deal with future pandemics and other significant maladies.

Abdul Paliwala
Emeritus Professor of Law
University of Warwick


If you will pursue the truth,  you will often end up having to change your mind.
Nancy Murphy

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