Under The Black Sun


Davey Giturwa was born in Nairobi, Kenya. He is an author of sparklingly readable literature often centered around the myriad nuances and dilemmas of life in contemporary Africa. He began writing his debut book after obsessing over long form literature with intricately connected chapters which delve into ethereal and existential subject matter. He moonlights as a writer and daylights as a lawyer.

In the old, during war, monotonous humdrum of marching was cued by the beating of drums.
To some, they endeared certainty; as sure as the rhythm, so would
victory be. To others, gave hope, a distraction, enthusiasm; and to
all, whatever they wanted the cadence to be.
The drums were the poets and their beats their words. Hymns,
plays, film, rap and other new drums followed later on.

Outgrowing is a virtue,
Maybe through struggle,
Enough to stay sane,
But not too much to be obligated.

Leave chaos, wherever you go,
And trouble, whenever you touch,
Cast doubts on foreign ways,
And aspersions on our faith,

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Davey K. Giturwa